Installation of quality paving stones on Montreal’s South Shore

Installation of quality paving stones on Montreal’s South Shore

When it comes to landscaping your outdoor space, the choice of material is essential to achieve an aesthetic and functional result. At Les Terrassements Ciccarello, we distinguish ourselves by our expertise in the installation of high-quality pavers in the South Shore region of Montreal.

Paving installation is one of our specialties. With professional installation of interlocking paving stones, we’re confident of creating beautiful, long-lasting outdoor spaces for our customers.

Les Terrassements Ciccarello :
Your partner since 1963

Why put your trust in our family business?

Les Terrassements Ciccarello is a family-run business that has built its reputation on over 60 years of excellence in landscaping.
Here’s why you can trust us:

Over 60 years of landscaping excellence

Since our founding in 1963, we’ve worked on a wide variety of landscaping projects in the greater Montreal area. Our longevity testifies to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We’re proud to be a trusted company on Montreal’s South Shore.


Satisfying our customers every step of the way

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you from the very beginning of the project, listening carefully to your needs and providing expert advice to help you realize your vision. Our professional team is committed to providing exceptional service at every stage of your paver installation project.

icone environnement

Our commitment to the environment

At Les Terrassements Ciccarello, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. That’s why we adopt environmentally-friendly practices in all our projects. By choosing uni-stone, you’re also helping to preserve Quebec’s natural beauty.

Choose the plain paving stone for
your landscaping

Choose the plain paving stone for
your landscaping

Unistone is an exceptional choice for landscaping on Montreal’s South Shore, for a number of reasons.

This material offers many advantages, including :

icone-unique pavé

Versatile and attractive

Uni-stone is an incredibly versatile material that can be used to create a wide variety of patterns and designs. Whether you want an elegant garden path, a spacious terrace or a welcoming backyard, uni-stone can meet your aesthetic needs.

With our expertise, we can design unique patterns that reflect your personal style and enhance the visual appeal of your property.


Durable and resistant

Uni-stone is known for its exceptional durability. It can withstand weather, temperature changes and frequent use, while retaining its beauty and structural integrity.

At Ciccarello Earthworks, we use only the highest quality materials to ensure the long-term durability of our paver installations. This means you can enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come without worry.


Unistone is easy to maintain

One of the main advantages of uni-stone is its ease of maintenance. Unlike other outdoor surfaces, uni-stone requires little regular maintenance. Periodic cleaning with water is usually enough to keep it clean and attractive.

What’s more, in the event of damage, it’s easy to repair or replace individual pavers without having to redo the entire surface.


It creates a personalized and unique style

Every property is unique, and uni-paving lets you creatively express your personal style.

Our team of experienced designers at Les Terrassements Ciccarello can work with you to create custom patterns and designs that reflect your personality and the mood you want to create in your outdoor space.

It’s safe and environmentally friendly

Safety is a major concern for any outdoor space. Uni-stone offers a non-slip surface, making it a safe option even in wet or snowy weather.

What’s more, we’re committed to protecting the environment. Unistone is an environmentally-friendly option, as it recharges groundwater and reduces rainwater runoff, helping to preserve water quality.

Paving stone installation

See our achievements

If you’re looking for a trusted landscaping company on Montreal’s South Shore to install interlocking paving stones, look no further than Les Terrassements Ciccarello.

We offer you a versatile, durable, easy-to-maintain, environmentally-friendly material and an exceptional customer experience thanks to our long history of excellence. Take a look at some of our achievements and see for yourself.

How to contact us

Do you have any questions or need advice about your landscaping project? Don’t hesitate to contact Les Terrassements Ciccarello! Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide you with all the information you need and guide you in your choices.

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